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While the improved speed might not be noticeable in day-to-day life, the biometric authentication has become more efficient and works at a range of distances. And many of us have encountered situations where the biometric authentication seems to get stuck in a loop.

If you have used modern iPhones like iPhone X Series, you might be familiar with many snags that seem to prevent Face ID from working perfectly. But if you upgraded from classic iPhones with Touch ID buttonit would be better if you could first get a good hang of how the facial recognition technology works.

So, we have divided this troubleshooting guide into two sections.

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Another thing worth checking out upfront is to ensure that the features you are trying to use Face ID with are turned on inside the settings. Therefore, be sure you have ideally set up the Face ID settings. Ensure that nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera. Make sure the screen protector or the case that you are using is not blocking the camera.

Also, ensure that the area around the front camera is clean as dirt or residue might be preventing it from working properly. Face ID works in any orientation on the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the iPhone.

face unlock not working

Therefore, you must hold your device in portrait orientation while using Face ID. While using Face ID, ensure that nothing is covering your face. So, be sure to keep your mouth, eyes, nose fully visible to the front camera on your device.

Even though Face ID works with a variety of sunglasses, it might not support the ones that block certain types of light. If you are wearing such sunglasses, they might be blocking the infrared light that the TrueDepth camera uses. But if there is no solution as yet, move on to the second section. The more you use Face ID, the better it gets. Moreover, you can also train the facial recognition technology to work faster.

Just in case you have an appearance that is quite different from the regular one, better set up an alternate appearance so that Face ID can easily recognize you. Step 1. Now, enter your passcode. Then, look straight into your device and make sure to place your face inside the frame. After that, gently move your head to complete the process. Be sure to tap on Done to finish in the end. No need to worry at all.

After that, tap on Set up Face ID and then follow the usual process to set it up again.Skip to main content. Select Product Version. All Products. This article describes an issue that prevents you from logging on by using facial recognition.

face unlock not working

This issue is caused by a conflicting Group Policy setting using facial recognition to unlock the device continues to work with the conflicting policy setting. Windows Hello is a feature in Windows 10 that lets users log on and unlock their devices by using a preconfigured PIN, a fingerprint if the device supports itand facial recognition if the device supports it. With Windows Hello, users can perform authentication by providing their unique biometric identifier when they access the device-specific Microsoft Passport credentials.

The Windows Hello authenticator works with Microsoft Passport to authenticate and let users log on to the enterprise network. Authentication doesnt roam among devices, isnt shared with a server, and cant easily be extracted from a device.

If multiple employees share a device, each employee will use his or her own biometric data on the device. The following Group Policy setting is configured: Interactive logon: Do not display last user name: Enable After startup or a restart, you cannot use facial recognition for domain logon even when the fingerprint, password, and PIN are working.

You can use facial recognition only to unlock the device. More Information. Before you can use Windows Hello to enable biometrics on a device, you must create a PIN to use as your initial Hello gesture. After youve set a PIN, you can add biometric gestures if you want to. You can always use the PIN to release your credentials.

Therefore, you can still unlock and use your device even if you cant use your preferred biometric gesture because of an injury or if the sensor is unavailable or not working correctly. Facial recognition. This type uses special cameras that recognize an image in infrared IR light, which allows them to reliably tell the difference between a photograph or scan and a living person.

Face ID Not Working on iPhone X, Xs Max, Xs, or iPhone XR? Possible Solutions to Fix the Issue

Several vendors provide external cameras that incorporate this technology, and major laptop manufacturers are incorporating it into their devices. Fingerprint recognition. This type uses a capacitive fingerprint sensor to scan your fingerprint. Fingerprint readers have been available for Windows-based computers for years, but the current generation of sensors is significantly more reliable and less error-prone. Most existing fingerprint readers whether external or integrated into laptops or USB keyboards work with Windows Last Updated: Oct 17, Was this information helpful?

Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. Australia - English.When it works, Android's Smart Lock feature is incredible. There's no need to enter your PIN when your phone "knows" it's in your hands — just unlock and go. But Smart Lock, particularly its Trusted Places feature, can be finicky sometimes.

Most of Smart Lock's features are rock-solid. Trusted Places should keep your phone unlocked when you're at home, but many users are complaining that it doesn't.

The troubleshooting steps below are escalating — in other words, you should start with the first one, try Smart Lock again and see if Trusted Places is fixed, then only proceed to the next step if it isn't. Each step is progressively more involved, but they all assume you've tried the previous steps, so make sure to follow them order.

The first step is the simplest: Make sure you have GPS enabled. Other location reporting methods aren't as precise as your phone's actual GPS sensor, and Trusted Places only has a radius of roughly 50 meters, so your phone's reported location needs to be fairly accurate for Trusted Places to work.

You can enable GPS by going to your phone's main Settings menu. From there, the exact location may vary depending on your device, so use the field at the top of the main Settings page to search for "Location. There's a chance that your phone simply hasn't updated its location status in a while.

If this is the case, Smart Lock will stop working, as Trusted Places needs a fairly recent location report before it will unlock your phone.

So to get lock on your location, open Google Maps and tap the compass icon near the bottom-right corner. When the screen zooms over your current location the blue dot in Google Mapsyour phone will have an updated location report.

If you have more than one Android device, or if you've recently changed phones, location data from the other device could be interfering with Trusted Places. In the same vein as Step 3 above, Trusted Places can stop working if the feature is pulling data from a different Google account, in addition to or instead of your primary account.

Smart Lock doesn't let you choose which account to use with its features, so if you're signed in with multiple Google accounts on the same phone, it could be pulling location data from the wrong account. There's also the wrinkle of G Suite accounts or "Google Apps" accounts — many of these will outright disallow Smart Lock features, depending on your account administrator's settings. The only course of action here is to remove all additional Google accounts from your phone.

Tap "Remove account" on the next screen, then confirm your choice on the prompt. Repeat this step for any other non-primary Google accounts.

This app needs to be able to see your device's location in order for Trusted Places to work. Scroll down and choose "Google Play Services," then tap "Permissions" and make sure the "Location" toggle is enabled. The way Play Services can unlock your device when Smart Lock is enabled is by using a special permission called "Modify System Settings.

From there, select Google Play Services from the list and make sure the toggle is enabled on the following screen. This next troubleshooting step won't apply to most users, but if you've used a mod like this one to dial back Play Services battery drain, Trusted Places may be failing because its backbone Google Play Services is in Doze Mode.

To verify, head to Settings and search for "Battery Optimization" and tap the top result. From there, scroll through the list and look for Google Play Services — if it's listed on the main menu, you're all set. If it's not, tap the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and choose "All Apps," then find Play Services and set it to "Not Optimized.

From there, select "Edit" from the menu, then tap the trash can icon in the top-right corner of the next screen to remove this address. Confirm your choice on the prompt. When you're done there, restart your phone. When you get back up, head back to the Trusted Places menu and tap "Home," then enter the address again.

Most of us have let Google automatically determine our home and work addresses through Google Maps location data. If your trusted place is labeled as "Home" or "Work," this is where the address came from, and there's a chance that Google just has bad metadata for that specific address in its mapping system.

Next, tap "Add trusted place," then pan and zoom around the provided map until the location indicator is hovering over a spot very close to the address where you want Smart Lock to kick in.

As long as your target address is within the blue dotted circle, Trusted Places will still work when you're there. Tap "Select this location" and then "Select" to make it a trusted place.Jump over to give them a try so that your time with Face ID gets back on track sooner than later!

Except for a few negligible tantrumsFace ID has been quite loyal to me. Unfortunately, my run with the facial recognition technology fell prey to jaundiced eyes. And suddenly Faced ID stopped working on my iPhone X— bringing the smooth sailing time to a chaotic halt. Therefore, I thought it makes sense to share some of the workable tricks that can come in handy in resolving the Face ID problem.

Check them out, if you are looking for a way to troubleshoot this issue on your iPhone X series or the newly launched iPad Pro ! Once you have checked out the points mentioned abovetry out the below solutions.

Face Recognition Not Working on Samsung S10, S10 Plus

Now, turn off your device. Also, tap on Other Apps and then turn on the switch for each app. Now, try using Face ID again. It should work now. The other solution that I would tell you to try out is resetting Face ID. It will wipe out all the existing mathematical representations of your face, and you will have to set it up all over again. So, there is no harm in giving it a chance as well. Now, set up the facial recognition again.

Once everything is done, start using it as usual. As it will wipe out all the existing settings including Wi-Fi passwords and website login details, be sure you are fully prepared. After you have successfully put your device to factory settings, enable Face ID and try using it as usual.

Now is the time to go for the software update. Moreover, Apple keeps on refining the iOS, improving performance and eliminating the bugs that keep cropping up now and then. So, it deserves a shot as well.

If Face ID isn't working on your iPhone or iPad Pro

But if they have failed to fix the issue; contact help for Apple. Having myself experienced the issue on a few occasions; I can say that you have eventually resolved the problem by following the above tricks.

Luckily, Apple Support is always ready to help and get rid of the issue at the earliest. Have any feedback? Shoot it down below and download our iOS app as well as stay tuned in via Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss our latest guides. How-to iPhone iPhone X.

Possible Solutions to Fix the Issue. Jignesh Padhiyar. Last Updated: January 18, pm. Also, make sure that no residue or dirt is covering the camera. Ensure that your eyes, nose, and mouth are fully visible to the TrueDepth camera.

Face ID is designed to work with many sunglasses. However, if you are wearing the sunglass that blocks certain types of light, then you need to remove it. Be sure to keep your iPhone in portrait orientation when using Portrait Mode.Android phones come with a lot of ways to secure it. There is password protect, pattern lock, fingerprint, and now face detection.

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Options are good but it is still a pain to keep unlocking it every time you pick it up to check notifications. This is where smart lock comes into the picture. It helps you keep your droid unlocked based on your location. The problem is that it is known to be a little less than perfect. If you are having trouble with smart lock, try one of these five solutions to see if it helps.

Google Maps is pretty accurate when it comes to triangulating your location, but the same cannot be said about Trusted Places inside Smart Lock. You need to choose your location on the map manually instead of typing the address. Either one is compulsory.

Now, click on Trusted places and then choose Add trusted place. This is where things get confusing. You need to click on the map and drag and drop the pin over your house to make it work. Zoom in as much as you can because accuracy is the key here. Somehow, trusted places map fails to auto-detect my current location even after typing the address.

Dropping the pin manually should help resolve the issue. Click Update when done and see if it works now. The above tip is not helping you, is it? This maybe because your location accuracy mode has been set to low by default. To help you get the most out of your battery juice.

GPS can drain your battery quicker than you say charged! When you set Location mode to high accuracy, your droid will use Wi-Fi with mobile networks and bluetooth to determine your location more accurately. In my case, this is what helped me get the trusted places map to determine my location correctly.

Each case is unique though, so you should try some of the other solutions mentioned below if this doesn't work. The first screenshot shows my location on the map without the bluetooth, and the second one with the bluetooth on.

See the difference yourself. Note that the bluetooth icon is visible in the second screenshot and the GPS location is different read accurate here. Also, we saw earlier under Location mode that when accuracy is set to high, device will use bluetooth along with GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks to determine your location. We are supposed to enable it. Smart Lock relies on Google Maps to source your current location and works with it to help you keep the mobile unlocked. What if Google Maps is not working correctly?

Did you check it? Open Google Maps and click the GPS icon on the lower right of the screen to see if it triangulates your location correctly. If not then you need to clear Google Location History.

Go back to Settings and click on Location under which you will find, after some scrolling, Google Location History option.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Discover our resources that can help you connect your Surface at home. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

After nearly half a year of looking for solution, I found it. There are other post related to this issue, but they are closed and the accepted answers did not resolve the issue for me and others. Background: Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10, domain joined. Facial recognition worked for over six months. Then some updates were pushed out and it stopped working.

I came across a post that indicated to remove both the PIN and the facial recognition in the sign in options page. Issue was there was no remove button for the PIN. This proved to the 'brick wall'.

face unlock not working

I finally located a post that showed how to remove the PIN from Windows 10 without the remove button. After that, facial recognition was working again. I posted a version of this elsewhere for removing the PIN. Here is the revamped version for resetting facial recognition. Proceed at your own risk. Ensure you have your system backed up. This worked for me on multiple systems. It does not mean it will work for you or not cause any problems.

Use your password to log in to Windows Go into Settings click on start and select settings. Select accounts. In the left pane select Sign-in options.This information will be visible to anyone who visits or subscribes to notifications for this post.

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